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Early Summer 2021

Commons Oxtail Stew

Commons special sauce is made from Red wine and Bouquet Garni slowly simmered and scented vegetables with the richness of beets.

Slowly simmered oxtail is collagen rich and harmonized with the umami of the meat and the sauce.

Carrot and zucchini salad is accented with Commons original macadamia nut dressing.

Loco Moco

Commons Loco Moco is made of authentic Hawaii made tofu made by Aloha Tofu.  Its sauce is made based on rich simmered oxtail soup.  

Enjoy Hawaii's local favorite Commons style!


Tofu Locomoco Noodle

Commons very original, Tofu Loco Moco noodle is fusion of authentic Hawaii local favorite and Ramen noodle.  

locomoco noodle img.jpg
c13drink1 (2).JPG



Mango flavor beauty charge drink is filled with beets that is said blood of field and North Shore lemon with plenty of vitamin C                   


A pineapple-flavored beauty drink that uses plenty of ginger, which is said to contain phytochemicals.


(Uses unrefined millet sugar from Hawaii)

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